Weapons via the Hidden Web

February 15, 2019

Gun control continues to be a major issue for Americans. However, if ever there was to be a tightening of gun ownership laws in this country, it’s interesting to wonder what the result might look like. Chances are, it would be a lot like Europe—even the problems that come with it, as we discovered in a recent Gunpowder Magazine article, “European Gun Ownership is Surging, Concerned Citizens Resort to Dark Web.”

According to the story:

“High threats of terror attacks and surging crime have left Europeans increasingly uneasy about their personal safety. And because gun control laws are so strict in Europe, citizens are resorting to illicit means to obtain firearms, to the point that, The Wall Street Journal reports, “unregistered weapons outnumbered legal ones” in 2017.”

It’s not just guns that are posing a threat on the dark web. Recently, a hacker posted over 600 million people’s information up for sale there. This is the reason why intelligence agencies are paying closer attention to the dark web, working on ways to crack its mysterious codes. The issue becomes staying in step or even a step ahead of the dark web, which isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Patrick Roland, February 15, 2019


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