VPNs Possibly Aid Chinese Intelligence

February 18, 2019

China’s military and intelligence might has grown by leaps and bounds. By some estimates, it leads the world in many categories of defense. While there’s no conclusive evidence, the amount of information being harvested by Chinese online companies is staggering and could prove a connection, as we discovered in a recent Tech In Asia story, “Facebook’s Research App Isn’t The Only VPN To Mine User Data.”

According to the story:

“VPNs are supposed to help you protect your data. But the Facebook flap shows that there’s one party that has full access to everything you’re doing: the VPN provider itself. And it’s a concern with several Chinese-owned VPNs, which reportedly send data back to China.”

With enormous streams of data flowing back to China and the potential for it to be used by intel communities, it’s no shock that the Pentagon recently began revising its artificial intelligence strategy. This comes because China and Russia, specifically, are beginning to chip away at America’s technological edge. It’s exciting to see the US intelligence community take a greater stake on AI and its related strains. We hope this is the beginning of a boom in the industry.

Patrick Roland, February 18, 2019


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