DARPA Looks Into Nano AI

February 26, 2019

The fields of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence have never been hotter. Just look at the recent call for ideas from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), that they are calling the “Micro-Brain Project.” No, this has nothing to do with the IQ level of politicians, it is actually a groundbreaking idea in defense, as we learned from a recent Newsweek story, “US Military is Building Smarter Robots and Thinks Insects Might Be The Key to New Artificial Intelligence.”

According to the story:

“The proposal…[looks for a plan] capable of mapping out the insect’s brain and its decision-making functions as part of the Artificial Intelligence Exploration program which…’constitutes a series of high-risk, high-payoff projects where researchers will work to establish the feasibility of new AI concepts within 18 months of award.’”

Obviously, the idea of mapping an insect’s brain and nervous system would pay dividends in the spy industry. Imagining microscopic drones has tongues wagging everywhere from the Pentagon to Langley. And they’re not alone. MI6 recently hailed this as the next frontier that they, too, are focusing on. We are on the cusp of a new arms race, where the weapons are getting smaller, not bigger. Any agency that could harness the AI capability and size of insects will, obviously, gain a major advantage over other nations.

Now imagine the mix of DARPA’s nano intelligence with the FLIR nano drone explained in this week’s DarkCyber. Interesting stuff.

Patrick Roland, February 26, 2019


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