The Surf Is Up for the Word Dark

April 4, 2019

Just a short note. I read this puffy wuffy write up about a new market research report. Its title?

The Research Report “Dark Analytics Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013 – 2017 and Opportunity Assessment; 2018 – 2028 ” provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants

What caught my attention is not the authors’ attempt to generate some dough via open source data collection and a touch of Excel fever.

Here’s what caught my attention:

Dark analytics is the analysis of dark data present in the enterprises. Dark data is generally is referred as raw data or information buried in text, tables, figures that organizations acquire in various business operations and store it but, is unused to derive insights and for decision making in business. Organizations nowadays are realizing that there is a huge risk associated with losing competitive edge in business and regulatory issues that comes with not analyzing and processing this data. Hence, dark analytics is a practice followed in enterprises that advances in analyzing computer network operations and pattern recognition.

Yes, buried data treasure. Now the cost of locating, accessing, validating, and normalizing these time encrusted nuggets?

Answer: A lot. A whole lot. That’s part of the reason old data are not particularly popular in some organizations. The idea of using a consulting firm or software from SAP is not particularly thrilling to my DarkCyber team. (Our use of “dark” is different too.)

Stephen E Arnold, April 4, 2019


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