Factualities for April 17, 2019

April 17, 2019

Some of the data facts which caught my attention. My goodness. Believe ’em or not.

0. Number of Alexa killer apps out of the 80,000 apps available for the smart speaker. Source:  Computerworld

5. Average number of mobile apps a person uses each day. Source: ZDNet

10 percent. The increase in distracted driving in 2019. Source: Road Show

35. The number of the IMDB top 250 available for streaming. Source: Streaming Observer

38 percent. The percentage of abusive tweets Twitter’s smart software stops. So only 62 percent get pumped out. Source: Engadget

48. Number of months a project lives before Google terminates it. Source: Next Web

50 percent. Number of records in Google local business listings with error. Source: Search Engine Journal

67 percent. The percentage of corporations not using blockchain technology. Source: Next Web

100. Number of pounds of iron the Titanic loses to hungry micro organisms. Source: Forbes

400. Number of people one can follow on Twitter. Source: CNet

$600. Cost of YouTube TV per year. Source: Engadget

5,860. Number of Amazon patent filings. Source: Failed Architecture

$50,000. Amount PewDiePie contributed in crypto currency to Alex Jones. Source: Next Web

200,000. Number of US government data sets available for free. Source: CIO

$4 million. Amount Goggle will pay for terminating the Google Fiber project. Source: Slashdot

$22.6 million. Facebook’s security bill for protecting Mark Zuckerberg. Source: Guardian

$58 million. Amount Uber paid Google for Maps between January 1, 2016, and December 2018. Source: Android Authority

1 billion. Number of records a hacker dumped in eight weeks. Source: Slashdot

$1.8 billion. Uber’s loss in 2018. Source: CNBC

Stephen E Arnold, April 17, 2019




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