DarkCyber for April 23, 2019, Now Available

April 23, 2019

DarkCyber for April 23, 2019, is now available at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress and on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/331645696.

The program is a production of Stephen E Arnold. It is the only weekly video news shows focusing on the Dark Web, cybercrime, and lesser known Internet services.

This week’s story line up includes: Candiru, a vendor of cyber software; ways to obtain open source content for free; a shotgun equipped drone; and a look at the conclusions from the audit of the LAPD data driven policing effort.

This week’s feature looks at the conclusions reported in the audit of the Los Angeles Police Department’s data-driven policing programs. In the final part of this three-part series we look at the major weakness identified by the Inspector General’s team. The challenge will be to introduce workflows which reduce the errors in data provided to the analytic systems. Stephen E Arnold, producer of DarkCyber, said: “Investigators have work procedures in place for tangible evidence. Information streaming from GPS systems or automatic devices may vary from the after action reports filed by law enforcement professionals. With conflicting data, the analytic systems can produce outputs which are less accurate. Training can help, but specialists who review data may play a more important role as data-driven policing increases.” The audit reveals that the software used by LAPD helps reduce criminal activity. Data quality requires attention.

Other stories in the DarkCyber video include:

A low-profile cyber intelligence firm called Candiru develops tools for law enforcement and government agencies. The company markets in the Middle East and in some Asian countries. Candiru is just one of more than 100 firms providing cyber services from Tel Aviv. The company’s name evokes a powerful image of how the firm’s technology works.

Russia’s large defense contractor funded a program to develop weaponized drones. One of the more interesting engineering solutions involved a vertical takeoff and landing drone equipped with a shotgun. The drone flies near a target and a ground operator discharges the shotgun in order to disable the target. The drone makes it clear that autonomous or semi-autonomous technology combined with weapons can yield a potent force multiplier.

Social media content is available from commercial vendors, often at costs that range from $5,000 a month an up. DarkCyber reveals that there are low cost or no cost options available to investigators with technical expertise. There are more than a dozen application programming interfaces available. Each can deliver a stream of near-real time data for analysis in an IBM Analyst’s Notebook- or Palantir Technologies-type system.

Kenny Toth, April 23, 2019


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