Factualities for May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019

At DarkCyber, we love data and numbers. Some of these gatherings of digits are amusing, and others remind us that some people slept through Statistics 101. Sample size? Not important. Verifiability? Are you kidding? Notice how many nice, round numbers appear. Remarkable. Ponder these factualities:

-18. The percentage decrease in smartphone sales in North America in Jan-Feb-Mar 2019, a five year low. Source: Canalys

One. Number of drones with knives, not kinetics. Source: Australia’s News.com

One. The number of head injuries per 5,000 electric scooter rides. Source: BoingBoing

4 percent. The accuracy of the facial recognition system used by British law enforcement. Source: Techdirt

10. The number of psychological tactics available to push people in a particular direction. Source: Science Focus

40 percent. Percentage of Amazon merchants based in China. Source: Marketplace Pulse

60 percent. The percentage of smartphone users who play games on their devices. Source: Apple Insider

90 percent. The percentage of online content which is “crap.” Source: Next Web

90 percent. Percentage of blockchain supply chain initiative which will “go nowhere.” Source: IT Wire

700. The number of orders packed each hour by an Amazon robot boxing robot. The inefficient human can manage just 175 an hour for a human. A human, however, has to take breaks for personal needs, eat, and think about the rich benefits a packager receives from the world’s largest online book store. This means that the “average” warehouse human boxing orders outputs at the rate of about one box 29.17 seconds. Its a factuality without verification, of course. Source: Reuters

1,059. The number of fraud cases related to defense contracting between 2013 and 2017. Source: FAS.org

$100,000. The individual royalties earned by 1,000 authors on Amazon. Source: Digital Reader

600,000. Number of private contractors employed by the Department of Defense. Source: TruthDig.com

100 million. Number of bad online advertisements generated by one operation. Source: Naked Security

$618 million. The first day loss on paper for investors who bought into Uber on its first day of trading. Source: Daily Mail

825 million. Number of computers running Windows 10. Source: Thurrott.com

2.5 billion. Number of users of devices equipped with Android. Source: Techcrunch

$500 billion. Dollar amount spent on prescription medicines each year in the US. Source: CNBC

Stephen E Arnold, May 15, 2019


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