Surveillance Use Cases for Smart Software

May 16, 2019

Analytics India describes five use cases for artificial intelligence (smart software). Some of these are applications of AI which cannot or will not be discussed in many US publications. “5 Ways In Which China Uses AI For Mass Surveillance” explains each of these five Chinese implementations:

  1. Racial profiling. Differentiating a “real” Chinese person from a Uighur.
  2. Mass surveillance. A digital replacement for the block monitor in houtongs
  3. Internet censorship. The blocking of Wikipedia is effective and a good use case for AI interaction with certain high level network processes
  4. Snooping. In the US and Europe this is lawful intercept plus social media filtering and analysis.
  5. Flagging defaulters. This is a subset of social credit scoring. The person not allowed to buy a high speed train ticket learns this from a smart kiosk. Police use of smart software is a logical level up tactic for anklet bracelet activities.

The article is a useful one to tuck away in a file labeled “The Future”. DarkCyber has a list of other use cases and applications for AI, but these five are representative. Automated pattern matching and bubble gum card generation should have been included, however.

Stephen E Arnold, May 16, 2019


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