Google Has Changed Search Results Again

June 20, 2019

Google cannot let anything rest. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of opinion, to others it turns into annoyance. Has Google’s latest changes to search results confounded its users once again? Inc. looks into Google’s newest change in the article, “Google Just Announced A Major Change To Your Search Results.”

The new change appears to be a simple one. Google will no longer show multiple results from the same Web site, except occasionally. What is even more uncanny is that Google deployed it right under our noses. The search engine did not change anything in the search algorithm, however, this could be bad for content creators and businesses centered on content curation.

More unique Web sites will be introduced into the top search results, most people click on the first few results displayed. What this means for content people is that:

“A lot of you spend a lot of resources creating content for the very purpose of showing up at the top of organic search results. This change means that you’ll have to consider how to adjust your content and search engine optimization strategy knowing that less of your pages will show up for relevant searches…Google says there is an exception. When the company’s search algorithm thinks that more than one result from the same site is especially relevant to a search, it will continue to display them in the top results. It doesn’t give specific examples as to what this means or when it will make this exception, but Google does say they will continue to make adjustments as it rolls out across search results.”

Google fiddles the ad giant engine has made assurances that multiple results from the same page will display they are the most pertinent. As a librarian, perhaps some of these changes will restore relevance and add a pinch of precision and recall?

Whitney Grace, June 20, 2019


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