Google: Some Interesting News Regarding an Interesting Company?

July 9, 2019

DarkCyber noted a handful of interesting Google news items. We assume that each of these is true, or in the words of one podcast, “actual factual” information.

First, Digital Journal reports that Google is working on cold fusion. The write up explains:

Cold fusion is a hypothesized type of nuclear reaction taking place at room temperature (hence the reference to ‘cold and contrasting to the “hot” fusion which papers within stars or as part of hydrogen bombs). There is currently no accepted theoretical model that would allow cold fusion to occur, and when attempted results have not been reproducible.

Nevertheless, Digital Journal reports via Physics World:

Google together with several research institutes in the U.S. is reported to have reopened what they call the “cold case” of cold fusion. Despite the many failures to observe cold fusion, the scientists contend that the case is not yet closed, and that cold fusion energy is indeed achievable. Google are investing $10 million into the project and there are thirty scientists involved.

Second, “YouTube Software Engineer Injures 8 in Drug-Induced Fourth of July Rampage, Police Say” reports that a person allegedly a Google YouTuber, ingested LSD and behaved in an manner which caused Sonoma county officers to shoot him.

The news story summarized these actions by the alleged Googler:

  • To get past his friends trying to stop him, Koffi choked one, stabbed one with a pencil and punched two in the chest, side and face.
  • While trying to get away in his rental car, he hit the car parked behind him and lodged the sedan into the house’s garage.
  • Koffi ran down the street before a security guard began questioning him. He stabbed the guard’s chest with the metal stake end of a landscape light, then sped away in the guard’s running and unlocked truck.
  • On the road, he hit two pedestrians. He then struck a woman walking on a bluff.  After hitting a wall, he drove through the side yard of a home and got back on the road in time for two patrol cars to pull up.
  • Koffi accelerated toward the officers, ramming into one patrol car as a deputy fired a gun. He didn’t stop until he was shot at least three times through the windshield.

Third, Google researchers allegedly discovered a way to brick (disable) Apple iPhones with an iMessage. According to BGR (Boy Genius Report):

The only fix is a factory reset and there’s no way to recover lost data that wasn’t backed up….The good news is that Apple patched this issue in iOS 12.3, which means that you’re safe as long as you’ve updated to the latest stable iOS release, or if you’re on an iOS 13 beta.

Cold fusion, LSD, and bricking iPhones — linked with a single threat: The Google. Dare I use the acronym: HSSCMM? No, not even high school science clubs could pull off these three events in a week or so.

Stephen E Arnold, July 9, 2019


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