Online Manipulation Made Easy

July 11, 2019

Do you want to manipulate one or more people using social media or other online communication channels? Science Focus reduces the approach to a selection of ten effective techniques. “Nudge Theory: 10 Subtle Pushes That Change How You Think” is a distillation of the University of Chicago techniques plus some spice imported from Cambridge University. What are the methods? Here’s a snapshot of five of the 10. Navigate to the source document for the complete list:

  1. Simplify. Yep, keep it simple stupid.
  2. Make things easy and convenient. Yep, easy. Convenient like search results which come from a curated subset which people perceive as comprehensive but are not.
  3. Disclosures. Think unsealing court records from the Epstein Florida case.
  4. Ask questions. Just don’t ask, “Does the person asking the question have an ulterior motive?”
  5. Remind people. This is called “nagging.”

See. You too can be a master of online manipulation. Simple, convenient, backed by proof, and just like a nagging partner. Is that great?

Stephen E Arnold, July 11, 2019


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