Are the British Tossing Facebook?

August 16, 2019

The British are abandoning Facebook in droves and the question is why? Zero Hedge has the answer in the article, “Exodus: Brits Abandon Facebook As Usage Plummets.” For the past twelve months, British use of Facebook own the mobile app has dropped 38%. The drop in usage is directly tied to the Cambridge Analytical scandal. The scandal took place in summer 2018, when Facebook failed to disclose that Cambridge Analytical abused Facebook user data.

Users have also decreased the number of web links and ads they clink on in Facebook on average of 2.6% per month. Zuckerberg claims the opposite and that Europe’s Facebook usage continues to grow. Facebook investors used to view user metrics as a reliable way to determine the platform’s health, but there are large amounts of fake accounts. Facebook also lost $120 billon in July 2018 with slow European growth.

One expert thinks differently:

“Matti Littunen, a social media expert at Enders Analysis, questioned the alternative data – didn’t believe the figures represented an accurate view of Facebook users’ activity across the UK, due to his belief that Facebook’s usage data showed an uptick. Instead, Mixpanel’s data could reflect changes in advertising tactics, he said. Littunen said if usage does begin to fall – advertising prices will start to rise as firms compete for smaller audiences, leading advertisers to shift ad money elsewhere.”

Facebook, like most of the unprotected Internet, takes advantage of user data and sells it to the highest bidder. Also Facebook is an old school platform and younger users do not want to be on it. Facebook might have had its time in the sun and privacy violations are could be driving it into the history books.

Whitney Grace, August 16, 2019


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