Yale Image Search: Innovation and Practicality

September 5, 2019

Yale University, according to Open Culture, has made available 170,000 photographs which document the Depression. Well, not just the Depression. The review conducted by DarkCyber revealed photos into the 1940s.

What sets this image collection apart is its interface. Unlike the near impossible presentations of other august institutions, Yale has hit upon:

  • A map based approach
  • A “search by photographer”
  • Useful basic photo information.

There’s even a functional, clear search component with old fashioned fields. (Google, why not check it out? Not all good ideas originate near Standford.)


Kudos to Yale. DarkCyber hopes that other online image archives learn from what Yale has rolled out. A little “me too” from Internet Archive, the American Memory project, and assorted museums would be welcomed here in Harrod’s Creek. (One river shore photo looked a great deal like Tibby the Dog’s favorite playground.)

Stephen E Arnold, September 5, 2019


One Response to “Yale Image Search: Innovation and Practicality”

  1. Dominik on October 17th, 2019 1:13 am

    Das betrifft nur die NA Version des Spiels.

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