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September 9, 2019

Waiting for a flight. Noted three interesting Google items.

The first is “Apple Criticizes Google for Creating False impression about the Scale of iPhone Hack.” The points seems to be that Google presented information that focused attention on Apple. We noted this assertion:

In a statement, Apple spokesman Fred Sainz said that the sophisticated attack on iPhones was “narrowly focused” and was not “a broad-based exploit of iPhones”, as described by Google Project Zero security researchers. Sainz also claimed that the attacks affected fewer than a dozen websites that provided content about the Uighur people living in China.

The write up added this fascinating factoid:

Last week, some reports also suggested that the hacked websites targeted Android and Windows users as well, but Google didn’t provide any details about that aspect of the attacks. Google claimed that it had not been aware that Android was affected in the attacks.

Is Google weaponizing information to discredit Apple? DarkCyber does not know.

Second, we spotted “Google Finally Confirms Security Problem For 1.5 Billion Gmail And Calendar Users.” The idea is that Google allegedly reacted to the security problem news this way:

A Google spokesperson responded to my story by insisting that “Google’s Terms of Service and product policies prohibit the spreading of malicious content on our services, and we work diligently to prevent and proactively address abuse.” That statement went on to say that Google offers “security protections for users by warning them of known malicious URLs via Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing filters.” Now, it seems, Google is finally taking this security problem somewhat more seriously.

And I spotted “Google Woes: Antitrust Concerns, YouTube Fine, and Corporate Culture Clashes Keep Tech Giant on the Hot Seat.” Google has a lot of billions to prevent serious burns.

Net net: These items create an impression that lovable Google may not be in touch with its inner flow. On the other hand, maybe these examples are Google.

Stephen E Arnold, September 9, 2019


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