Talking Down: A Specialty of High-Tech?

October 10, 2019

I am not angry nor am I annoyed. I am surprised. I read “Nadella Warns Government Conference Not to Betray User Trust.” “Nadella”, readers are supposed to know, is a big dog at Microsoft. The write up explains that attendees at an event called Microsoft Government Leaders Summit learned what Microsoft expects them to think and do.

According to TechCrunch (the article may be paywalled, require registration, or just disappear when you view it) reports:

He [Nadella] said it is essential to earn user trust, regardless of your business.

Now a direct quote from Mr. Nadella:

Now, of course, the power law here is all around trust because one of the keys for us, as providers of platforms and tool, trust is everything…. That means you need to also ensure that there is trust in the technology that you adopt, and the technology that you create and that’s what’s going to really define the power law on this equation. If you have trust, you will have exponential benefit. If you erode trust, it will exponentially decay.

Ho, ho, ho.

Mr. Nadella seems indifferent to the problems updating the vaunted Windows 10 operating system is causing users, integrators, and information technology professionals.

What problems?

First, Microsoft has warned 800 million users to install a specific patch in order to avoid terminating with extreme prejudice one’s computer. You can get ore information from the capitalist tool here. Will I trust Microsoft after it killed my computer? Nope.

Second, Windows updates have in the last few weeks killed network adaptors, printers, USB functions, and some audio features. Will a user trust Microsoft’s updates? Nope.

Third, Microsoft is lecturing at a Microsoft sponsored event for government related people. Will these people trust Microsoft when computers in their department cannot print, connect, or play a video? Nope.

To sum up, those dishing out advice about trust may want to make certain that their products and services earn trust.

I suppose one could use Bing or the revised Fast Search & Transfer services to look for more information. But these search services can erode trust as well.

Arrogance, superiority complexes, and confidence — attributes to engender trust? Not in Harrod’s Creek.

Stephen E Arnold, October 10, 2019


One Response to “Talking Down: A Specialty of High-Tech?”

  1. Arrow on October 11th, 2019 10:33 pm

    Haven’t used Microshaft in years. Ubuntu/Linux provides much better results without all of the headaches. Cheers.

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