Facebook Kills Accounts of NSO Group

October 31, 2019

Yeah, Facebook is putting its ethical flag down. The problem is that the pointy end of the flag staff may go through Facebook’s foot. “Facebook Permanently Deletes the Accounts of NSO Workers” reports:

A day after Facebook-owned WhatsApp sued NSO Group, the social media platform has permanently deleted the accounts of employees who work at the Israel-based spyware maker…

Facebook can do what it wants.

However, DarkCyber wants to make a few observations:

  1. Some firms offer services and systems designed to create false personas (sock puppets) so that these identities can be used in various ways; for example, obtain and use Facebook services.
  2. Irritating a company with specialized services may have unanticipated consequences; for example, friction when Facebook attempts to do business with an NSO partner or an NSO friendly government.
  3. Facebook’s grandstanding may be one way for the company to mute the fact that it paid a fine for its Cambridge Analytica adventure.

Too little, too late, and too childish may be one way to describe Facebook’s Silicon Valley tactical play.

Stephen E Arnold, October 31, 2019


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