What Country Is Number One in AI?

November 4, 2019

China says, “It is not our country.” The US says, “It is not our country.”

“China Experts: US Still Out Front in Tech Race Despite Pentagon Claim” presents the Chinese side of the argument. There’s nothing like the “I’m just a back country AI expert. What do I know?” argument.

Abacus News states:

Chinese experts said China’s progress had been exaggerated and many of its achievements were only partial successes so far.

We noted this statement used to support the “we’re behind” argument:

“The US military wants more budget, more new equipment, more new R&D projects. And the theory of a China threat is, of course, a handy excuse,” Ni [Lexiong, a Shanghai-based military commentator] said.

Whom does one believe?

DarkCyber believes that one need only look at the demographics of computer scientist, engineering, and mathematics students in MA and PhD programs to get a sense of where technology innovation is heading.

What are those data? What’s the demographics in the US and China? What percentage of graduates from each country’s top schools remain in country?

Without these data, the assertions are meaningless. With these data, the Chinese assertion may not reveal the scope of the country’s information efforts.

Stephen E Arnold, November 4, 2019


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