ElasticSearch: A Push for Log File Revenue?

November 13, 2019

Elasticsearch had a moment in the sun. For several years it was the go to way to deploy a low cost, reasonably usable search and retrieval system. Then came the venture funding to a clump of outfits talking about search in terms of jargon that would have made a 1950s’ Madison Avenue executive reach for the bottle in his desk drawer.

To get a sense of the pressure exerted on ElasticSearch, navigate to “How to Get Started with Kibana.” Why battle with the tens of millions in fresh cash stuffing the pockets of Algolia, Coveo, and LucidWorks, among other 21st century enterprise search vendors with a penchant for buzzwords?

Do the pivot and keep one’s hand on the Elasticsearch throttle.

The write up explains:

Kibana is a powerful tool for visualizing data in Elasticsearch.

The article provides a sunny overview of how

you can explore practically any type of data, from text documents to machine logs, application metrics, ecommerce traffic, sensor telemetry, or your company’s business KPIs.

A KPI is, if you did not know, is a key performance indicator. What’s performance? What’s key? Heck, what’s an indicator? There you go. Modern methods for Kibana.

Net net: Elasticsearch is making it clear that it too is moving beyond search.

Search, however, has been moving beyond itself for decades. But my tagline for anything to do with the interesting and slightly sordid past of enterprise search is, “Who cares?”

Elasticsearch stakeholders.

Stephen E Arnold, November 13, 2019


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