BOB: A Blockchain Phone

November 29, 2019

Remember the comment by some FBI officials about going dark. The darkness is now spreading. “Meet BOB, World’s First Modular Blockchain-Powered Smartphone” reports that a crypto currency centric phone may become more widely available.

The write up states:

BOB runs on Function X OS, which is an open-source operating system. As it uses the blockchain ecosystem, every task on the phone, be it sending texts, making calls, browsing the web, and file sharing, all happen on a decentralized network, making it highly encrypted and thus secure. Each unit of the BOB is a node that supports the entire Function X blockchain system.

DarkCyber thinks that Mr. Comey was anticipating these types of devices as well as thinking about Facebook’s encrypted message systems.

For more details, consult the TechRadar article.

One important point: The BOB has a headphone jack. Even those concerned about privacy and secrecy like their tunes.

Stephen E Arnold, November 29, 2019


One Response to “BOB: A Blockchain Phone”

  1. Darrell W Gunter on November 29th, 2019 1:42 pm

    Blockchain for mobile communications highlights the benefits of the Blockchain technology but at the same time reminds us of the potential abuses of bad actors.

    This does raise a new opportunity for new good actors to build soft tech to defeat the bad actors.

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