Amazon Trumped?

December 5, 2019

DarkCyber does not have a dog in this fight. The fight? Jeff Bezos versus the President of the United States. If the information in “Trump Bezos Round 2: Amazon Faces Broad Antitrust Probe of Cloud Business” is accurate, lawyers involved in the matter will have a very good chance to generate some billable hours.

The write up reminds the reader that Amazon lost the $10 billion Department of Defense JEDI deal. Amazon then sued on the basis of the President’s pushing back against Amazon.

The write up reports:

But now, as Bloomberg details, investigators at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission have been asking software companies recently about practices around Amazon’s cloud unit, known as Amazon Web Services. Specifically, the outreach by the FTC signals that the agency, which is already looking at Amazon’s conduct in its vast online retail business, is taking a broader look at the company to determine whether it could be violating antitrust laws and harming competition.

Interesting. Mr. Bezos has  money and a newspaper. The President has presidential things. Will presidential things trump the Bezos bulldozer?

In a comment to the write up, Sticky_Pickles said: “When you try to sue the government…”

But DarkCyber is thinking of the lawyers working on the matter. Winners.

Stephen E Arnold, December 5, 2019


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