Has Google Trashed Christmas for Kids?

December 6, 2019

Christmas? Ruined by the Google? I don’t believe it, but Metro UK may.

I learned in “Google Ruins Christmas for 1.1 Million Children Every Year Claim Teachers.” If the story is online, isn’t it true?

The write up states:

Research carried out by Exam Papers Plus suggests that each year over a million children are typing into Google whether or not Father Christmas is real.

How is this possible?

1,116,500 children ask Google “Is Santa Real” each year.

Google’s smart search system obviously knows the answer. Kids who do research are informed of the truth delivered by an objective, ad supported online service.

One tip: Don’t make a video for children that espouses untruths or put links in comments sections of video for children. A lump of coal may be placed in one’s stocking. Not just any coal. The lignite stuff.

Stephen E Arnold, December 6, 2019


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