Black Friday On The Dark Web

December 9, 2019

This sounds newsy.

Black Friday not only affects retailers, but it also occurs on the Dark Web. Uazmi reports that “Drug Dealers Offer Black Friday Deals On the Black Web.” Drug dealers want their own slice of Black Friday sales. Digital Shadows, a cyber risk form, discovered 1,600 posts about Black Friday 2019 sales.

Drug dealers on the Dark Web are offering 30% discounts and even more discounts for buyers who spend more than $2,000. People who buy illegal drugs are always looking for ways to leave more green in the their pockets for next hit and sellers are willing to take advantage of that in the spirit of the season.

“‘People are always on the lookout for deals, regular consumer and cyber criminal alike. This is why towards the beginning of November, users on dark web forums typically flock to create threads dedicated to finding and sharing the best Black Friday deals,’ Digital Shadows research analyst Alex Guirakhoo told The Independent.

‘On dark web marketplaces, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity for site operators to increase sales and attract new buyers. Attracting new customers is particularly important, as consistent law enforcement action and repeated exit scams on popular marketplaces have thrown the ecosystem into disarray.’”

At least Dark Web drug dealers do not have to deal with mad mobs of people hoping to buy the hottest toy or fight over a flat screen TV. Black Friday sales on the Dark Web might bring new customers, but it also brings new law enforcement officials looking to catch more bad actors.

Whitney Grace, December 9, 2019


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