Open Source: Big Company Point of View

January 2, 2020

DarkCyber noted a quite good and meaty Slashdot write up called “CNBC Reports Open Source Software Has Essentially ‘Taken Over the World’”. What makes the information interesting is that a big media company reports that other big companies are definitely into open source software. The sources for the information include:

  • The Google
  • Microsoft GitHub
  • IBM Red Hat

There are a couple of slightly less power entities referenced as well; namely, the executive director of the Linux Foundation and a real live open source maintainer.

The main idea is encapsulated in this quote:

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, even tells CNBC that 10,000 lines of code are added to Linux every day. “It is by far the highest-velocity, the most effective software development process in the history of computing… As the idea of sharing technology and collaborating collectively expands, we’re moving into open hardware initiatives, data-sharing initiatives. And that’s really going to be the future…

The write up does not mention the business actions underway to make open source into a 21st century type of proprietary software.

Perhaps this is not important? DarkCyber’s research team thinks this is important. Oh, there’s one open sourcey outfit not mentioned in the write up. Amazon is beavering away on open source forests as well.

Also, probably not important. Well, maybe Amazon is just a source for T shirts and electronic version of books?

Stephen E Arnold, January 2, 2020


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