Amazon: Maybe a Restraining Order to Halt JEDI Deal?

January 15, 2020

We noted “Amazon to Seek Order to Block Microsoft From Working on US DoD’s JEDI Contract.” The story appears to have originated with Thomson Reuters, so we assume its ethical and accurate and other good Thomsony stuff.

Here’s the passage we circled in true blue marker: will ask a judge to temporarily block Microsoft from working on a $10 billion cloud contract from the Pentagon, a court filing showed on Monday [January 13, 2020]. Amazon, which was seen as a favorite for the contract, plans to file a motion for a temporary restraining order on January 24 and a federal court will issue its decision on February 11, according to the filing.

After years on the trail, if true, Amazon may be paying a visit to the Last Chance Saloon. The interaction may go something like this:

Barista or baristo: What will you have, partner?

Amazonian: One JEDI, please.

Barista or baristo: You are out of luck. The last one went to those nice people over there. They’ve been fussing with a Windows 10 laptop for nigh on one hour.

Amazonian: What else you got?

Barista or baristo: The next big shipment don’t arrive until October 1, 2020. Wanna wait, partner?

Amazonian: Nope. [Sound of a Bezos bulldozer starting up and grinding toward the Middle East.]

Stephen E Arnold, January 15, 2020


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