Google Maps: The Map Is Not the Territory?

February 15, 2020

I want to keep this write up short. Navigate to “Google Redraws the Borders on Maps Depending on Who’s Looking.” Main point: Google manipulates information for a variety of reasons. The result? Zero objectivity and zero reliability. New news? Nope. Old, old news. Why? Fun, expediency, whims of wizards, whatever. Why am I not adding some color? I am very tired of repeating what I reveal in my writings like Google Legacy, Google Version 2, Google: The Digital Gutenberg, and my several dozen Google articles for Information Today. (I think one of the team listed these on the LinkedIn Stephen E Arnold biography years ago.) When did these summaries and findings of my research begin to appear? Oh, about 17 years ago. Yep, the Google. Objective information for the clueless? Pretty much.

Stephen E Arnold, February 15, 2020


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