Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance with ElasticSearch Inside

March 25, 2020

Open source software is a boon to companies and organizations that cannot afford the steep price tag of proprietary software. Open source, however, does have its drawbacks, including lack of customer support, the software is only as good as its developer, and security issues. PR Web describes how the Department of Defense is getting an overdue search upgrade: “PSSC Labs Launches Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance.”

The Department of Defense relied on Elasticsearch for many digital tasks, including cybersecurity and logistics. Elasticsearch was providing the one and done solution the Department of Defense needed for its advanced workloads. Enter the PSSC Labs with its Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance to the rescue. PSSC Labs designs and builds custom big data and high performance computing solutions. Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance is a new platform powered by Elastic and compatible with Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

The Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance will upgrade the Department of Defense’s system components. It also will not be a huge investment and will be a reasonable upgrade cost. The Department of Defense went with PSSC Labs because:

“ ‘We chose Elasticsearch as the foundation of the platform because it offers the flexibility and simplicity other application packages do not. With Elastic, everything is included in one simple per node price. This means companies can utilize the high-performance Elastic Stack for a variety of workloads including log analysis, cybersecurity, simple distributed storage, geospatial data analysis, and other concepts that are still yet to be discovered,’ said Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs Vice President.”

Other than the reasonable cost and product quality, the Department of Defense selected PSSC Labs’ Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance because it was built on Elastic. Elastic is an open source software, but many proprietary software companies build their own products on free technology. The move to the Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance should relatively simple as the current Department of Defense system is based on Elasticsearch.

Whitney Grace, March 25, 2020


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