With Security Nailed, Zoom Returns to Its Sillycon Valley Roots

April 8, 2020

DarkCyber knows that you have been waiting for another great Zoom feature. “Zoom: Free Video chat filters Can Give You a long Beard, Devil Horns or an Egg for a Head” reports that Zoom compatible filters have arrived. Plus, you can replace your head in a business video conference with an egg. Well, that’s the story. The write up points out:

With a free app called Snap Camera. Snap Camera has been around since 2018 and it essentially allows you to add Snapchat style filters to video conferencing apps like Zoom.

There are other options; for example, devil horns for frisky Sillycon Valley quarantine sports.

Great innovations cannot be hindered by a mere pandemic.

Stephen E Arnold, April 8, 2020


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