What Is Popular on the Dark Web? Contraband, Stolen Credentials, or Crime Training?

April 22, 2020

The answer, according to “What’s Hot on Dark Net Forums? Fraud Guides” reveals that training is popular. The finding comes from Terbium Labs, a cyber security firm in Maryland. DarkCyber noted this statement:

“Fraud guides” designed to assist cybercriminals in carrying out schemes that leverage stolen financial or personal data are the most common offerings on three prominent dark net marketplaces…

How much does it cost to learn how to be a criminal? The write up reports that the average cost of these guides is $3.88. A “bundle” of guides costs about $12.

The reason for the growth market, according to Terbium’s expert, is that people want to know how to leverage stolen financial data like bank account information.

Questions which the article prompts include:

  • Why aren’t cyber security solutions offered by Terbium’s peers not clamping down on personal information like credit card and financial data?
  • Is there a correlation between layoffs in the tech industry and the alleged surge in how to information?
  • Why are Dark Web sites thriving despite the clamp down by law enforcement in the US and elsewhere?

DarkCyber’s research suggests that the Dark Web offers non training products and services which account for a larger volume of business; for example, crime as a service.

Kenny Toth, April 22, 2020


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