Zabasearch: Not Too Useful for Targeting Me

May 26, 2020

A reader wanted to know, “Have you used Zabasearch.” The answer was, “No.” I navigated to the Web site and learned:

People Search. Honestly Free! Search by Name.
Find People in the USA. Free People Finder.

Free. Okay! I tested the system by plugging my name into the search box. This once was called “ego surfing.” Here’s what the system revealed:


According to Zabasearch, I am in an industrial park between two computer stores. I feel safe because I am not at that location. I have driven by that location.

I did a Zabasearch using the site’s reverse phone look up. It found the name of the person whose number I plugged in. Once again, instead of living 500 feet from my office (not in the middle of a parking lot, thank you), the individual resides at the Edge Full Service Salon somewhere in West Louisville.

Close enough for free? Sure.

The system reports an incorrect telephone number for me too. I called it and I was invited to leave a message at Entré Computer Center. I checked the full profile and discovered that I am related to “Jeff Arnold.” Nope, sorry.

Net net: Zabrasearch is not likely to become my go-to person locator or source of phone numbers.

Stephen E Arnold, May 35, 2020


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