How to Spark Interest in Desktop Linux? Microsoft Tries a Fresh Approach

June 12, 2020

DarkCyber noted “Removing “Annoying” Windows 10 Features is a DMCA Violation, Microsoft Says.” The write up asserts:

Ninjutsu OS, a new software tool that heavily modifies Windows 10 with a huge number of tweaks, mods and extra tools, has been hit with a DMCA complaint by Microsoft. According to the copyright notice, the customizing, tweaking and disabling of Windows 10 features, even when that improves privacy, amounts to a violation of Microsoft’s software license.

The write up presents a list of Ninjutsu enabled functions which violate the DMCA (digital millennium copyright act):

  • Customize Windows 10 with powerful tweak and optimize.
  • Protect your privacy by tweak and customize Windows 10.
  • Disable many of the annoying features built into Windows.
  • Unwanted Windows components removal.
  • Remove/Disable many Windows programs and services.

The implications of this Microsoft action are interesting to contemplate. DarkCyber believes that Microsoft may have found a way to increase usage of Linux on the desktop.

Stephen E Arnold, June 12, 2020


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