Google on the Hot Spot: Ad Pancakes One Way and That Is Our Way

July 1, 2020

Google is so darned lovable. How could anyone interpret the company’s actions as overbearing. Take for instance the article “Google Stymies Media Companies from Chipping Away at Its Data Dominance.

The write up reports as “real” news and information:

Publishers had expected to use data privacy measures going into effect Aug. 15 to bar Google from storing insights about readers, sapping the data advantage that has enabled it to dominate a market filled with advertisers hungry for information to target potential customers. But Google said it will cut off publishers from a lucrative flow of ads if they follow through with curbing its data collection. Negotiations continue, but Google holds greater leverage because it dominates in both advertising tools and access to advertisers within the $100 billion annual global banner ads market.

There must be a misunderstanding.

Google is a partner. The write up points out:

Media companies must share revenue with Google to access the unparalleled number of advertiser clients it attracts with its data. Globally, publishers’ share of Google ad revenue has fallen in half to 16% over the last decade, according to a paper released this month by Yale University antitrust fellow Dina Srinivasan, who also consults for News Corp.

The tension would not exist if publishers accepted the fact that there were not Googley. Wishing it so will not make alter the reality of online traffic and clicks.

Stephen E Arnold, July 1, 2020


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