Do It Huiwei, Please

July 9, 2020

Believe it or not.

Huawei is a mobile device brand not well known in the United States, but it provides an Android based device to millions of consumers in the eastern hemisphere. Huawai devices are manufactured in China and in May the company held its seventeenth annual analyst summit. Ameyaw Debrah shares the story in the article, “Huawei Analyst Summit: Security And Privacy In A Seamless AI Life-Only You Control Your Personal Data.”

The Vice President of Consumer Cloud Services Eric Tan delivered the keynote speech called “Rethink the Seamless AI Experience with the Global HMS Ecosystem” related to Huawei’s privacy and security related to the cloud, hardware, application development, and global certifications. Tan stated that Huawei abides by GDPR, GAPP, and local laws to guarantee privacy compliance.

Another speaker, Dr. Wang Chenglu spoke about “Software-Powered, Seamless AI Experiences and Ecosystems.” He stated how distributed security builds trust between people, data, and devices to protect user privacy and data:

“He explained that firstly, ensure that users are using the correct devices to process data and Huawei has developed a comprehensive security and privacy management system that covers smart phone chips, kernels, EMUI, and applications. This allows devices to establish trusted connections and transfer data based on end-to-end encryption.

Secondly, ensure the right people are accessing data and operating services via the distributed security architecture which makes coordinated, multi-device authentication possible. An authentication capability resource pool is established by combining the hardware capabilities of different devices. The system provides the best security authentication measures based on authentication requests and security level requirements in different business scenarios.”

Huawei stressed that privacy and security are its MO, but can one believe that “only you control your private life” when. a country-supported company is coding up a storm?”

Whitney Grace, July 9, 2020


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