Google and the Middle Kingdom

July 10, 2020

Remember when Google nosed into China and suggested that the country change how it approached life, business, and online? Few do. Suffice it to say that Google’s Silicon Valley inputs did produce one reaction: A small dish of day old sweet red bean dumplings. Yummy.

Flash forward to the present. “Google Shuts Down Cloud Project, Says No Plan to Offer Cloud Services in China” reports that Google

has shut down its cloud project named ‘Isolated Region’ and added that it was not weighing options to offer its cloud platform in China.

The article states:

The search engine giant, however, said that the project’s shutdown was not due to either of those two reasons and that it has not offered cloud platform services in China.

Perhaps Google became impatient waiting for China to modify its methods?

Stephen E Arnold, July 10, 2020


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