Sillycon Valley: When Molecules No Longer Collide

July 14, 2020

How Remote Work Could Destroy Silicon Valley” presents a slightly dark scenario for those infused with technology. The write up explains that when lots of eager smart people no longer interact in real life, something magical is lost.

If you wonder about the magic of Silicon Valley, Philz Coffee, and the risk of techquakes, you may find the write up interesting.

Two of the DarkCyber team wondered if Brownian motion is a factor. Those hyper educated, over-achievers bask in the sun. The closeness and the “energy”: What could be provide a better greenhouse for innovation. Money can grow on that code.

The spoiler is that WFHers will not benefit from the environment in a basement or a comparatively spacious two bedroom apartment in Salinas, Kansas.

When those folks go to work via Zoom, those sprouts of innovation, those vulnerable innovators suffer.

Thus, Sillycon Valley starts to look more like Salinas in the winter.

Stephen E Arnold, July 14, 2020


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