DarkCyber for July 28, 2020, Now Available

July 28, 2020

The July 28, 2020, DarkCyber is now available. You can view the program on YouTube or on Vimeo.

DarkCyber reports about online, cyber crime, and lesser known Internet services. The July 28, 2020, program includes six stories. First, DarkCyber explains how the miniaturized surveillance device suitable for mounting on an insect moves its camera. With further miniaturization, a new type of drone swarm becomes practical. Second, DarkCyber explains that the value of a stolen personal financial instrument costs little. The vendors guarantee 80 percent success rate on their stolen personally identifiable information or fullz. Third, SIM card limits are in place in South Africa. Will such restrictions on the number of mobile SIM cards spread to other countries or are the limits already in place, just not understood. Fourth, Coinbase bought a bitcoin deanonymization company. Then Coinbase licensed the technology to the US Secret Service. Twitter denizens were not amused. Fifth, Microsoft released a road map to a specific type of malware. Then two years later the story was picked up, further disseminating what amounts to a how to. DarkCyber explains where to download the original document. The final story presents DarkCyber’s view of the management lapses which made the Twitter hack a reality. Adult management is now imperative at the social media company doing its best to create challenges for those who value civil discourse and an intact social fabric.

The delay between our June 9, 2020, video about artificial intelligence composing “real” music and today’s program is easy to explain. Stephen E Arnold, the 76 year old wobbling through life, had the DarkCyber and Beyond Search team working on his three presentations at the US National Cyber Crime Conference. These programs are available via the NCC contact point in the Massachusetts’ Attorney General Office.

The three lectures were:

  1. Amazon policeware, which we pre-recorded in the DarkCyber format
  2. A live lecture about investigative software
  3. A live lecture about Dark Web trends in 2020.

Based on data available to the DarkCyber team, the septuagenarian reached about 500 of the 2000 attendees. Go figure.

Kenny Toth, July 28, 2020


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