European Union Tries Panenka to Score Against Encrypted Data

July 31, 2020

Let’s assume this write up is accurate: “EU Plans to Use Supercomputers to Break Encryption But Also Wants Platforms to Create Opportunities to Snoop on End-to-End Communications.”

The “going dark” argument is not moving fast enough for European Union regulators. The fix is a “decryption platform.” The idea is to decrypt certain messages. The interesting part of the tactic is summarized in this passage:

Internet service providers such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are to create opportunities to read end-to-end encrypted communications. If criminal content is found, it should be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities. To this end, the Commission has initiated an “expert process” with the companies in the framework of the EU Internet Forum, which is to make proposals in a study. This process could later result in a regulation or directive that would force companies to cooperate.

The article points out:

There’s no way to “create opportunities” to read end-to-end encrypted communications without weakening the latter.

Worth monitoring the idea and its implementation and its opportunities.

Stephen E Arnold, July 31, 2020


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