Apples and Pears: Definitely Tasty Fruit

August 10, 2020

Here is a test from an outfit called Circle the object that does not belong:


I circled the watermelon. What did you circle? Do you think the sun does not belong? Is the sun a fruit? Can you eat the sun? Does the fruit emit radiation which allows life?

According to my understanding of “Apple Takes Legal Action Against This Small Company’s Pear Logo,” the pear does not belong. I learned:

Prepear is a meal planner and grocery list app that helps people discover recipes and more. It’s a spin off from the founders of Super Healthy Kids and right now they saying its logo is under legal attack from Apple.

Are you confused by the similarity of these two logos?


Do you know what this is?


This is alcohol. Is it possible Apple has been imbibing Massenez Poire-Williams Pear Brandy? Confusing fruit may be a signal for impaired reasoning. But monopolies like the App Store are never confused in our modern, zip zip, lawyer infused world. Take another  look at the picture from Pre Kinder. Do you want to change your answer? Maybe the apple does not belong?

Stephen E Arnold, August 10, 2020


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