Instagram: What Does Suspicious Mean at This Facebook Outfit?

August 19, 2020

DarkCyber noted what could be construed as a baby step toward adulting or a much bigger step toward Facebook obtaining more fine-grained information. “Instagram Will Make Suspicious Accounts Verify Their Identity” states:

Instagram is taking new steps to root out bots and other accounts trying to manipulate its platform. The company says it will start asking some users to verify their identities if it suspects “potential inauthentic behavior.” Instagram stresses that the new policy won’t affect most users, but that it will target accounts that seem suspicious.

It seems that “inauthentic” means “suspicious.” Okay, what is that exactly. The write up quotes an Instagram  something as saying:

This includes accounts potentially engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior, or when we see the majority of someone’s followers are in a different country to their location, or if we find signs of automation, such as bot accounts.

What addresses inauthenticity? How about this?

Under the new rules, these accounts will be asked to verify their identity by submitting a government ID. If they don’t, the company may down-rank their posts in Instagram’s feed or disable their account entirely.

When a moment of adulting or a data grab, the Facebook continues to be Facebook.

Stephen E Arnold, August 19, 2020


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