IDC Has a New Horse to Flog: Artificial Intelligence

August 26, 2020

Okay, it is official. IDC has a new horse to flog. “Artificial Intelligence” will be carrying a load. Navigate to “Worldwide Spending on AI Expected to Double in 4 Years, Says IDC.” Consulting firms and specialized research outfits need to have a “big thing” about which to opine. IDC has discovered one: AI. The write up states:

Global spending on artificial intelligence (AI) is forecast to double over the next four years, growing from US$50.1 billion in 2020 to more than US$110 billion in 2024, according to the IDC. Spending on AI systems will accelerate over the next several years as organizations deploy AI as part of their digital transformation efforts, said IDC. The CAGR for the 2019-2024 period will be 20.1%.

In the Age of Rona, we have some solid estimates. A 2X jump in 48 months.

Why, pray tell, is AI now moving into the big leagues of hyper growth. Check out this explanation:

Two of the leading drivers for AI adoption are delivering a better customer experience and helping employees to get better at their jobs.

Quite interesting. My DarkCyber research team believes that AI growth will be encouraged by these factors:

  • Government investments in smart weapons and aggressive pushes for projects like “loyal wingman”
  • A sense that staff must be terminated and replaced with systems which do not require health care, retirement plans, vacations, and special support for issues like addiction
  • Packaged “smart” solutions like Amazon’s off the shelf products and services for machine learning.

These are probably trivial in the opinion of the IDC estimators, but DarkCyber is not convinced that baloney like customer experience and helping employees “get better at their jobs” are providing much oomph.

Stephen E Arnold, August 26, 2020


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