The JEDI Gang: Updates Are Great

September 13, 2020

We have an assortment of Mac, Linux, and Windows 10 computers. The Windows updates are, of course, perfect. If you have experienced an uncomfortable moment when a Windows 10 computer is updating, you will find “Windows: The Dread of Updates” interesting. The main point of the write up is:

I got Windows 10 for free and I still feel like I’ve been horribly ripped off. My time is worth more than this.

The explanation for update problems varies. The real reason is that Windows has become so convoluted, no one knows why the “system” fails.

My most recent thrill involved a pop up that demanded I upgrade a codec via the Windows Store. What? I thought there was an update process that did not involve the Windows Store. Wrong. I followed the link, learned I had to pay $0.99 for the HEVC update.

The system did its thing and promptly crashed. After a reboot, I learned that the Microsoft provided file could not install.

No kidding. But the Microsoft mechanism for charging me $0.99 for the codec worked.

These guys are going to power the US military establishment? Of course.

Stephen E Arnold,  September 13, 2020


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