Amazon and Its Next Leader According to Bezos Owned AMZ Paper

September 14, 2020

Modern “real news.” Definitely interesting most of the time. I read “Bezos’s Likely Amazon Successor Is an Executive Made in Bezos’s Image.” (I know the story is objective because the page displayed “Support journalism you can trust when it matters most.” Thomson Reuters uses the trust thing too. Okay, trust. The write up is notable because one syllable words ending in “s” require an apostrophe s when used in a possessive structure; for example, Bezos’s newspaper or Bezos’s billions.)

The main point is that the head of Amazon Web Services could take over when Mr. Bezos drives the Bezos bulldozer (no apostrophe because the noun is used as an adjective) into / over another challenge.

I learned:

the company still values high-risk, high-reward bets and is less defined by online shopping than some might think.

Plus, there’s a rare pothole in the Amazon autobahn:

Even in the cloud business, Amazon has had to confront a newly vigorous rival, Microsoft, which has won contracts — including a massive one from the Defense Department — that Amazon might have handily taken just a few years ago.

Are there key points about the possible Bezos replacement? Perhaps:

  • Harvard
  • Ideas, not operations
  • Onliney, not retaily.

This statement seems important:

While retail drives Amazon’s revenue, the cloud business fuels Amazon’s bottom line. AWS generated $3.4 billion in net income in the most recent quarter, about 64 percent of Amazon’s total profit, even though the business accounted for just 12 percent of Amazon’s sales.

Several questions:

  1. Why the profile now?
  2. Why emphasize the anti-administration angle?
  3. What’s the plan for AWS?

I know that the Bezos newspaper is objective. And trust. Yep, the trust thing.

Stephen E Arnold, September 14, 2020


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