Social Media: Inherently Corrosive?

September 16, 2020

DarkCyber noted “The Inevitable Corruption of Social Systems on the Web.” [You may be asked to pay to view this write up. Sigh.] The article invests some effort into explaining a Captain Obvious point: Amazon reviews cannot be trusted. Okay. Insight.

In the essay is one interesting point. DarkCyber dubs this SMIC’s Law; to wit: The Law of SMIC (Social Media Inherently Corrosive) is, according to the write up:

Any system with a social base will experience, from a certain level of popularity, a corruption of its operations that will tend to destroy the value of the metrics used in it.“

DarkCyber agrees. Too bad users and regulators choose to ignore it.

Stephen E Arnold, September 16, 2020


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