Policeware: Three Products Identified But and That Is a Big But

October 15, 2020

DarkCyber’s eager beaver researcher who works from home spotted “3 Best Law Enforcement Software with Buyers Guide.” The market for policeware is a small one compared to the number of customers for pizzas. However, the money invested by a handful of customers makes some marketers believe that making sales to the government and intelligence sectors is easy. It is not; for example, when big project emerge from the labyrinths of statements of work and the applicable procurement machinations, not many companies know about the opportunities or have the right stuff to land the project. Consider the $950 million ID/IQ contract for SRC Inc. Household name, right?

The three outfits identified as the “best” contains one solid recommendation: ESRI. This is a company which provides a must-have product and service called ArcGIS. The company is in the spatial mapping business and some interesting adjacent fields.

However, Nuance is a fence sitter. DarkCyber thinks of this outfit as a vendor generating some revenue from doctors, lawyers, and police who want to dictate notes and have them converted to text. The company provides its speech-to-text and other products to a wide range of customers. There are some alternatives, including Amazon’s solution.

The inclusion of the Tresit Group’s emergency communication solution is interesting. The Disaster Information Reporting system provides real-time, secure, and logged communications for first responders and police. Secure communications remain an application space of interest. The company provides a communications solution.

The “but” is that the selection of solutions is useful, but there are other companies which provide more widely used solutions. Some of these policeware systems and products are sector leaders.

DarkCyber wants to point out that identifying three products as “best” is difficult. For a researcher or analyst looking for a wider pool of policeware vendors, DarkCyber suggests the Mei@4Sec Catalogue of Existing Technologies and Solutions Deliverable 2.2 European Organization for Security (EOS). You can download this helpful 44-page report at this link without charge. (Verified on October 11, 2020, but the document can be removed at any time.)

Stephen E Arnold, October 15, 2020


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