One More Reason to Love Microsoft Windows 10 Updates: Malware

October 23, 2020

The pushing of updates reflects two things. First, the generally low quality of software. Second, a crazed desire to lock in customers. Microsoft seems to be working hard to deliver on both counts. However, there is more to love about the silent, unwanted Windows update processes, a topic not covered in Microsoft’s free report about its loss of 250 million items of customer data. Curious? You can download the report at this link.

This Nasty Malware Has Disguised Itself As a Windows 10 Update”, if accurate, suggests there are other issues with the JEDI warriors’ online systems. We learned:

Emotet, the malware campaign that has been causing havoc for computer systems all over the world, has reappeared with a new approach to infecting devices. An email attachment claiming to be from Windows Update and instructing users to upgrade Microsoft Word is now being used to lure unsuspecting victims into downloading the malicious software. The malware works by first sending spam emails that contain either a Word document attachment or a download link. Victims will then be prompted to ‘Enable Content’ to allow macros to run on their device, which will install the Emotet Trojan.

Seems like phishing to us. Are there steps Microsoft could take to minimize risks to their millions of long suffering customers? Sure, but it may not be a priority. JEDI, you know. Beating off Amazon and Google, you know.

The reports about security are nice. But maybe something more than a free marketing document is needed if the “nasty malware” story is on the money? You know?

Stephen E Arnold, October 23, 2020


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