Apple: Customer Service or Customer Opportunity?

October 28, 2020

Alas, Apple, what is going on? First there was a series of distressing buggy updates and now customer service craziness. James Rogers at iPad Insight insists “Apple Needs to Fix Their Service and Support Problems.” Rogers begins by noting most of his encounters with Apple support over the years have been positive—a caveat he repeats several times. Those interactions, however, do not balance out the ordeal that began with a News Publisher interface crash at the beginning of October. For weeks, the author struggled to get help and was left feeling that no one on Apple’s side gave a flying fig that his site’s Apple News page was losing money every day the issue dragged on. They even missed the chance to cover the much-hyped iPhone release event during that time.

The whole experience was insulting, we’re told. See the post for details of Rogers’ struggle. He concludes:

“My experience over the last two weeks did wake me up to the fact that Apple has some legitimate issues that need to be addressed when it comes to customer service and support. And yes, that includes developer service and support, as well. The problems are real. The experience can be extremely inconsistent depending on what you are looking for help with. I’ve texted and talked with people in Apple Support who will bend over backwards to do whatever they can to help you. Even when they couldn’t, I never felt like I was being ignored or that they didn’t care. And then I got the worst support in my life over the last two weeks. It doesn’t add up and Apple needs to figure out where the weak spots are and fix them. I’m sure that Apple’s size and scale work against them when it comes to keeping an eye on customer support across such an expanse of products and services. But that’s the deal when you are one of the biggest and richest companies in the world.”

The more the company grows, Rogers notes, the more customer service seems to be slipping. If Apple fails to address the issues, previously loyal customers will abandon the company that was once built on exceptional support. An opportunity for a competitor or a reflection of the need to optimize revenue?

Cynthia Murrell, October 28, 2020


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