A Googley Book for the Google-Aspiring Person

October 29, 2020

Another free book? Yep, and it comes from the IBM-centric and Epstein-allied Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The other entity providing conceptual support is the Google, the online advertising company. MIT is an elite generator. Google is a lawsuit attractor. You will, however, look in vain through the 1,000 page volume for explanations of the numerical theorems explaining the amplification of value when generators and attractors interact.

The book, published in 2017, is “Mathematics for Computer Science.” The authors are a Googler named Eric Lehman, the MIT professors F Thomas Leighton and Albert R Meyer, and possibly a number of graduate students who work helped inform the the content.

The books numerical recipes, procedures, and explanations fall into five categories:

  • Proofs, you know, that’s Googley truth stuff to skeptical colleagues who don’t want to be in a meat space or a virtual meeting
  • Structures. These are the nuts and bolts of being able to solve problems the Googley way
  • Counting. Addition and such on steroids
  • Probability. This is the reality of the Google. And you thought Robinhood was the manifestation of winning a game. Ho ho ho.
  • Recurrences. Revisiting the Towers of Hanoi. This is a walk down memory lane.

You can download your copy at this link. Will the MIT Press crank out 50,000 copies for those who lack access to an industrial strength laser printer?

Another IBM infusion of cash may be need to make that happen. Mr. Epstein is no longer able to contribute money to the fascinating MIT. What’s the catch? Perhaps that will be a question on a reader’s Google interview?

Stephen E Arnold, October 29, 2020


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