Work from Home: Manage This, Please

November 19, 2020

I read “Over Half of Remote Workers Admit to Using Rogue Tools Their IT teams Don’t Know About.” If the information in the write up is on the money, cyber security for the WFH crowd may be next to impossible. The write up reports:

According to a new report from mobile security firm NetMotion, the vast majority of remote workers (62 percent) are guilty of using Shadow IT, with some of them (25 percent) using a “significant number” of unapproved tools.

The article includes this statement:

“Sadly, our research showed that nearly a quarter of remote workers would rather suffer in silence than engage tech teams,” said Christopher Kenessey, CEO of NetMotion.

Net net: Bad actors relish the WFH revolution. The inducement of WFHers using software not vetted by their employer creates numerous opportunities for mischief. How does a firm addicted to Slack and Microsoft Teams deal with this situation:

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Manage this, please.

Stephen E Arnold, November 19, 2020


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