Amazon and the Cyber Security Industrial Complex

November 24, 2020

This is probably no big deal. Cyber security, threat intelligence, and wonky proprietary tools from startups populated by retired or RIFed intel officers are a big business. I was asked by a “real news” reporter, “How big?” I dutifully sent links to companies selling market forecasts for global cyber security revenues. How big were these numbers? Acquisition big. The hypothesis I have formulated is that when wild and crazy market size projections fly like hungry sparrows, there is a revenue problem. Specifically there are too many sparrows chasing available bugs and bread crumbs. That’s why Blackberry is in the cyber security business. Why LookingGlass stepped away from Cyveillance. That’s why Dark Web indexes of bad actors’ Crime as a Service offerings are a dime a dozen.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the write up “Trend Micro integrates with AWS Network Firewall” explains that Amazon is continuing to add to its pool of 65,000 plus partners. Many of these outfits like Palantir Technologies are in the cyber intelligence and cyber threat business. Bad actors beware.

The write up reports:

Trend Micro’s built-in IPS intelligence will inspect traffic for malicious intent so that the firewall can stop threats before they get a foothold in a virtual private cloud. Together, AWS and Trend Micro offer a simple, scalable service with reliable protection that does not require any infrastructure management.

What’s the hook? Here’s the statement I circled with an Amazon happy face:

Trend Micro’s threat intelligence will be available free with easy deployment for AWS Network Firewall customers.

What do I make of free cyber security services? No much but I hear the Bezos bulldozer pulling into the cyber intelligence and security services shopping mall. Roll up or roll over time for the cheerful orange machine with a big smile painted on the cab.

Stephen E Arnold, November 24, 2020


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