Microsoft and the Covid: Microsoft 0. The Covid. 1.

February 16, 2021

I believe that everything on Yahoo is true. The write up “Microsoft System Blamed for N.J. Vaccine-Booking Glitches” must be viewed as providing direct insight into the excellence of Microsoft’s engineering. In this week’s DarkCyber, I gave my interpretation of Microsoft’s explanation of the SolarWinds’ affair, and I am delighted to have a different topic about the Redmond behemoth. (I am aware that the odd folding phone has been discounted and that Microsoft thinks Australia’s approach to the Google is the best thing since Windows 3.11.

The New Jersey story is that Microsoft software does not allow the state to schedule Covid injections. I noted:

Five weeks of stumbles by Microsoft Corp. on New Jersey’s Covid-19 vaccine-booking software have left the state pushing for daily fixes on almost every part of the system and doubting it will ever operate as intended…

The write up points out that New Jersey’s love affair with Microsoft was in bloom in May 2021:

“To everyone at Microsoft, who has been a vital partner to our information technology team, New Jersey thanks you,” Murphy [Governor of the great state] said at a May 9 virus briefing in Trenton.

Now the love birds are pecking at one another:

Eight months later, though, on Jan. 6, Persichilli [New Jersey Health Commissioner]called out Microsoft by name in one of the governor’s press briefings. She said “enormous interest in receiving the vaccine” caused “capacity challenges” with the state’s Microsoft-run system.

Some questions crossed my mind:

  1. Has Microsoft shifted from delivering stable solutions to talking about solutions which require additional work to make licensees bubble with enthusiasm?
  2. Are the issues with the Covid system similar to those which allowed Windows Defender and its Azure complement to overlook the SolarWinds’ breach for more than a six months, a year, maybe more?
  3. What are the implications of the Covid system hiccup and the JEDI solution which Microsoft has captured from the Bezos bulldozer and other outfits jockeying for a chunk of the multi-billion dollar US government contract?

If anyone from Microsoft is reading this essay, please, push back using the comments function of the blog. At age 77, I really don’t want to engage with thumbtypers in a text message, email, or phone call joust.

Giblets! Goose feathers! What does New Jersey get for dinner on the Jersey shore sitting fix feet apart and wearing a really nifty MSFT mask?

Stephen E Arnold, February 16, 2021


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