Google: Alleged Candidate Filtering

February 18, 2021

Who knows if this story is 100 percent spot on. It does illustrate a desire to present the Google in a negative way, and it seems to make clear how simple filters can come back to bite the hands of the busy developers who add features and functions without much thought for larger implications.

The story is “Google Has Been Allowing Advertisers to Exclude Nonbinary People from Seeing Job Ads.” The main idea seems to be:

Google’s advertising system allowed employers or landlords to discriminate against nonbinary and some transgender people…

Oh, oh.

If true, the check box for “exclude these” could become a bit of a sink hole.

The write up points out:

It’s not clear if the advertisers meant to prevent nonbinary people or those identifying as transgender from finding out about job openings.

Interesting item if accurate.

Stephen E Arnold, February 18, 2021


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